Swift Performance Nulled v2.2.1 – Cache & Performance Booster

Swift Performance 2.0 - Cache & Performance Booster

Demo Swift Performance WordPress Plugin

Swift Performance WordPress Plugin Features

  • Improve Page Speed & SEO
    Loading speed is really important. With Swift Performance you can decrease loading and page rendering time, and improve performance score with just a few clicks!
  • Will it work with my theme & plugins?
    Yes, Swift Performance works well with all the themes which respect the coding standards of WordPress and comes with non-questionable 14 day money back guarantee!
  • Why Swift Performance?
    Because it comes with a guided setup wizard, it is easy to use, it provides unique solutions, so you can easily improve WordPress performance and get even 100/100 with Gooogle Page Insights
  • Do I need any other cache or performance booster?
    Because the Swift Performance offers an integrated solution, there is no need to be used with other cache or performance booster plugins
  • Eliminate render blocking assets
  • Swift Performance not just minify and combine the CSS and javascript files, but it can create critical CSS on the fly for your pages.
  • Innovative, super fast cache
  • Swift Performance provide intelligent caching, you can cache AJAX requests and dynamic requests as well.
  • Image optimizer
  • Swift Performance comes with a built-in image optimizer. You can losslessly compress your JPEG and PNG images, and improve your site’s performance.
  • Cdn support
  • Swift Performance provides CDN support. You can specify a hostname what will be used for static resources. You can also set 3 different hosts for CSS, JS and for media files.

Swift Performance Nulled Demo

Download : Swift Performance v2.2.1

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