Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots Premium Nulled [v1.11.1]

Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots 1.7.18

Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots Premium Nulled Make it easy for customers to choose a convenient delivery date and time during checkout. Maximize your available delivery capacity and reduce cart abandonment. A WooCommerce delivery date and time plugin by Iconic. Let your customers choose a delivery date and/or time for their order, based on your availability.

Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots Features

  • Increase trust and customer satisfaction by letting your customers choose a convenient delivery date and time slot during checkout.
  • Define your delivery schedule and apply different delivery slots to specific shipping methods, exclude times when delivery is not available, and much more.
  • View all upcoming deliveries in one easy-to-understand table, ordered by delivery date.
  • Charge additional fees for same day and next day deliveries.
  • Disable same day and next day delivery options based on the current store time.
  • Easily configure holidays where deliveries are not available.
  • Give your customers 100% clarity on when they’ll get their order.
  • Allow your customers to reserve a delivery slot while they shop – or even before they start shopping.
  • Place the reservation table anywhere on your website using a shortcode.
  • Customize the reservation table to suit your website.
  • Set reservation expiration time in minutes.
  • Set Delivery Days
    Choose which days of the week you can make deliveries on.
  • Shipping Method Restrictions
    Assign time slots to specific shipping methods, making it easy to create complex delivery date rules.
  • Disable for Products or Categories
    You can disable the delivery date and time fields if specific products are in the cart.
  • Calendar Themes
    Choose from a number of calendar styles to ensure it matches your store’s design.
  • Define Min/Max Delivery Date
    Define how many days required before the first and last available delivery date in the calendar.
  • Delivery Date Fees
    Set fees based on the day of the week, same day, or next day deliveries.
  • ASAP Delivery Option
    Allow your customers to select delivery “as soon as possible” instead of choosing a time slot.
  • Disable Time Slots (X) Minutes Before Start Time
    Disable time slots if the order is placed a certain number of minutes before the time slot begins.
  • Enable Slots for Specific Shipping Methods
    Choose which time slots show for which shipping methods. Create flexible shipping schedules.
  • Time Slot Fees
    Charge an additional fee if your customer selects a specific day of the week or time slot.
  • Disable Slots After (X) Orders
    Also known as “lockout”, you can disable time slots after (X) orders on any one day.
  • Deliveries Calendar
    View and sort upcoming and reserved delivery slots.
  • Flexible Terminology
    Easy to change checkout labels; you can even change them based on the selected shipping method. I.e. “Delivery Date” or “Collection Date”.
  • Shipping Plugin Compaitibility
    WooCommerce Delivery Slots is compatible with many 3rd-party shipping plugins. If you need one adding, just ask!
  • Developer Friendly
    Plenty of actions and filters available to modify the functionality of WooCommerce Delivery Slots.

Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots Premium Nulled Demo

Download : Iconic WooCommerce Delivery Slots Premium v1.11.1

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