Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce Nulled v5.9.1

Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce 5.2.0

Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce Nulled WooCommerce configurable product. Customize WooCommerce checkout fields. Add custom fields to user’s profile. All in one WooCommerce advanced custom fields.

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin Features

  • Input Text
    Include advanced field validation: email, password, number, normal text
  • Radio Select
    Creating the radio select with pricing option enabled.
  • Checkbox Select
    Allow user to select multiple value as checkbox
  • Select Box
    Showing the options as dropdown select.
  • Slide Range
    Creating the slider range to have better options
  • Date-time Picker
    All in one date-time picker with beautiful calendar template
  • File Upload
    Allow uploading file, limit file types or size easily
  • Image Upload
    Only upload the images, instead of all files, best for print on demand products
  • Text Area
    Add multilines text area input, best for cover letters or messages
  • Repeater
    Enable customer to add new information as repeating rows easily.
  • Image Select
    Display the options as image and allow user to click on image to select option
  • Google Map Address
    Display the address in google map, best for shipping locator and profile info.
  • Accordian
    Showing the options in repeater and accordian, best for user’s interest
  • Gallery
    Allow upload and manage image upload as gallery, best for user profile and print on demand
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  • Backup & Transfer
    Get the backup with .zip file for your data, in case switching host.
  • VueJS Technology
    Use latest technology for the top-notch performance & experiences..
  • No hidden fees at all!
    Pay one-time, use forever & get access to the lifetime updates!
  • No heavy database data
    Do not worries your database size, it’s stored under JSON files!
  • Secure Requests & SSL
    All the requests between our server will be encrypted, so your data is secured!
  • Built for shared hosting
    Our plugin is built to run on shared hosting, it won’t eat RAM or CPU!!
Release Date - 17 August 2020

Enhancement - New Field Groups admin.
* Added toolbar across all ACF admin pages.
* Added new table columns: Description, Key, Location, Local JSON.
* Added popup modal to review Local JSON changes before sync.
* Added visual representation of where Field Groups will appear.
* Added new help tab.
* Simplified layout.

Enhancement - New ACF Blocks features.
* Added support for Inner Blocks.
* Added new "jsx" setting.
* Added new "align_text" settings.
* Added new "align_content" settings.

Enhancement - Added duplicate functionality for Repeater and Flexible Content fields.
Enhancement - Added PHP validation support for Gutenberg.
Enhancement - Added ability to bypass confirmation tooltips (just hold shift).
Enhancement - Local JSON files now save back to their loaded source path (not "save_json" setting).
Tweak - Replaced all custom icons with dashicons.
Tweak - Changed custom post status label from "Inactive" to "Disabled".
Tweak - Improved styling of metaboxes positioned in the block editor sidebar.
Fix - Improved AJAX request efficiency when editing block className or anchor attributes.
Fix - Fixed bug causing unresponsive WYSIWYG fields after moving a block via the up/down arrows.
Fix - Fixed bug causing HTML to jump between multiple instances of the same Reusable Block.
Fix - Fixed bug sometimes displaying validation errors when saving a draft.
Fix - Fixed bug breaking Image field UI when displaying a scaled portrait attachment.
Fix - Fixed bug in Link field incorrectly treating the "Cancel" button as "Submit".
Fix - Fixed bug where a sub field within a collapsed Repeater row did not grow to the full available width.
Fix - Ensured all archive URLs shown in the Page Link field dropdown are unique.
Fix - Fixed bug causing incorrect conditional logic settings on nested fields when duplicating a Field Group.
Fix - Fixed bug causing license activation issues with some password management browser extensions.
Dev - Major improvements to ACF_Location class.
Dev - Refactored all location classes to optimize performance.
Dev - Extracted core JavaScript from "acf-input.js" into a separate "acf.js" file.
Dev - Field Group export now shows "active" attribute as bool instead of int.
Dev - Added filter "acf/get_object_type" to customize WP object information such as "label" and "icon".
Dev - Added action "acf/admin_print_uploader_scripts" fired when printing uploader (WP media) scripts in the footer.
Dev - Added filters "acf/pre_load_attachment" and "acf/load_attachment" to customize attachment details.
Dev - Added filter "acf/admin/toolbar" to customize the admin toolbar items.
Dev - Added new JS actions "duplicate_fields" and "duplicate_field" fired when duplicating a row.
i18n - Changed Croatian locale code from "hr_HR to "hr".
i18n - Updated Portuguese translation thanks to Pedro Mendonça.
i18n - Updated French Canadian translation thanks to Bérenger Zyla.
i18n - Updated French translation thanks to Maxime Bernard-Jacquet.
i18n - Updated German translations thanks to Ralf Koller.

Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce Nulled Demo

Download : Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce v5.9.1

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