Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium Nulled [v1.6.2]

Pre-Order for WooCommerce – Whenever a product or service is about to be launched on the market, a feeling of expectations is triggered in your customers, which makes them more likely to proceed with the purchase. Unfortunately, this unconscious process is rarely used properly and once a new product is finally on the market, many customers already lost their interest in it. Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Pre-Order you can watch your sales improve right away for new or momentarily unavailable items, offering your customers the chance to purchase the products they are after and receive them only after they are officially on sale.

  • Set the “pre-order” status on simple and variable products
  • Quickly filter all of the orders that contain products purchased during “pre-order”
  • A dedicated section in “My Account” page to keep track of all pre-orders
  • Set an expiration date for a pre-order period
  • Make products available for purchase automatically at the end of the “pre-order” period
  • Admins are notified of each product that’s approaching the end of its pre-order periods: emails are dispatched a set amount of days before a “pre-order” period expires
  • Users will receive email notification for products that are out of their “pre-order” period and has become available for purchase
  • Turn out-of-stock products into pre-orders automatically
  • A chance to dynamically edit the price of single products during their pre-order periods:
    • fixed or % discount on the base price
    • fixed or % markup on the base price
  • WordPress Bulk action on applying “pre-order” status to several products at the same time (grouped by tag and/or category)
  • Prevent to add to cart “pre-order” and other products of the shop simultaneously
  • Enable option to show that a variable product is Pre-Order if all variations have the Pre-Order status
  • fixed or % discount on the base price
  • fixed or % markup on the base price
v1.6.2 - RELEASED ON 05 NOVEMBER 2020
New: Support for WooCommerce 4.7
Update: Plugin framework
Update: Language files

Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium Nulled Demo

Download : Pre-Order for WooCommerce Premium v1.6.2

Drox Nulled [v1.0]

Drox Nulled Template is an Agency and Portfolio HTML5 Responsive Template which you can use to easily create the portfolio of your dreams. Whether you’re a developer, a creative agency, a freelancer or any other type of creative.

It can be used to promote your services, It has some features which will help you make your project stand out from the crowd. It has been optimized to facilitate your time and money. It is well documented which will help you to get your site running easy and fast. You can customize it very easy to fit your business needs.

Drox Nulled Demo

Download : Drox v1.0

WP-Lister Pro for eBay Nulled [v2.8.2]

WP-Lister Ebay Nulled connects your WooCommerce website with your eBay store. You can select several products directly on the page of your products, select a profile to apply a set of predefined parameters, and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks of the mouse.

WP-Lister connects your WooCommerce site with your eBay Store. You can select multiple products right from your WooCommerce Products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks.

We worked hard to make WP-Lister easy to use but flexible. The workflow of listing items requires not a single click more than necessary. Due to its tight integration in WordPress, you will will feel right at home.

hangelog – WP-Lister for eBay
2.8.1 – 2020-10-08
Tweak: Use the decrease operation in wc_update_product_stock() to prevent caching issues
Tweak: Only add sales tax from the shop rates if eBay sales tax action is not set to record
Tweak: Retry failed requests with SOAP errors up to 3 times
Fixed: Inventory check tool not displaying the results
Fixed: Sales tax total not getting stored in the order meta
Fixed: Check the ignore_orders_before_ts setting before creating WooCommerce orders
Fixed: Shipping method ID not being used
Fixed: Retrying failed order updates
Dev: Added filters wple_new_order_item_meta and wple_new_order_item_product
Dev: Added wple_use_static_buyer_email filter hook
Dev: Added wple_ebay_order_cancelled action hook
Dev: Added wple_update_auctions_for_account action hook

WP-Lister Pro for eBay Nulled Demo

Download : WP-Lister Pro for eBay v2.8.2

WooLentor Pro Nulled [v1.5.3]

WooLentor Pro Nulled WooCommerce Page Builder Elementor Addon is a WooCommerce Page Builder Addon for Elementor Page Builder . WooCommerce Builder is included in this plugin to build custom product pages and archive pages. WooLentor Pro Addon Nulled 43 Elementor Widgets/addons are included in this plugin to build Products grids and WooCommerce custom page templates for Shop, archive, Products details, My account, cart, checkout, log in and registration pages, etc..

WooLentor Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • WooCommerce Template Builder
  • 41 Elements
  • WooCommerce Featured, Recent, Best Selling, On Sale, Top Rated, Category Wise products slider / Tab.
  • 42 product styles.
  • Action Buttons in different Positions
  • Sale / Discount Schedule Counter
  • Enable / Disable Product Gallery
  • Unlimited Color and font Variations.
  • Slider Control Options
  • Product Grid in a Tab option.
  • 15 Product Custom Template Layouts ( Deafult + Invidual)
  • Cart, Checkout, My Account, Registration Page Builder.
  • Individual and Default Archieve Template Builder.

WooLentor Pro Nulled Demo

Download : WooLentor Pro v1.5.3

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Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin) Nulled [v5.0.2]

Car Rental System (Native WordPress Plugin) Nulled It’s a high quality, native and responsive WordPress plugin to rent a car, created by experienced Silicon Valley engineers. 100% of it’s code is written by using native WordPress functions, so it much faster and secure than other similar plugins. Also – we made it compatible with WordPress Multisite, WPML & Multi-language setup with native support for WordPress date, email & time settings.

Plus – we love mobile-first designs – that’s why we used Bootstrap, Font Awesome icons, Slick Slider, CSS3 and HTML5 techniques with smooth image resizing to 4 different sizes to make sure that your cars would look great on all mobile devices, tablets, full-screen previews and pages with many WordPress free & Premium designs – like WP Car Rental (most favorable), Cars4Rent (popular), TanTum (new), Avada or BeTheme theme.

+Enhancement: Distance fee now fully extracted to separate additional fees sections
+Optimization: save() in all models now requires $params to be provided from controller
+Fixed bug with image preview in 2nd reservation step
+Fixed 'Undefined' response on customer lookup in logged-out state
+Fixed: Issue with new customer creation on new reservation
+Fixed: Customer comments in order not getting saved (broke in 5.0.1)
+Fixed: After-hours issue when calculating totals for invoice
+Fixed: Admin reservations -> extras availability calendar CSS (broke in 5.0.1)
+Fixed: Duplicate reservation key issue (added independent invoice_id with AUTO_INCREMENT)
+Fixed: Extras price table CSS (broke in 5.0.1)
+Fixed: Item Models price table CSS (broke in 5.0.1)

Car Rental System Nulled Demo

Download : Car Rental System v5.0.2

Electro Nulled [v2.7.0]

Electro Nulled Electronics Store WooCommerce Theme is a robust and flexible WordPress theme, designed by Transvelo to help you make the most out of using WooCommerce to power your online store. The design is well suited for Electronics Store, Vendor based marketplaces, affiliate websites. It is built and comes bundled with most of the advanced features available in most popular eCommerce websites like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, walmart, alibaba, aliexpress, etc

Electro WordPress Theme Features

  • Easy Installation and Setup
  • Free Updates and one-to-one support
  • Comes with importable dummy data
  • Built on Bootstrap 4
  • Cross-browser compatible (Chrome/Firefox/IE)
  • Built with SASS – All SASS files included
  • 6 Pre-defined header styles and option to customize headers
  • 9 Pre-defined color scheme and option to generate custom colors
  • 5 Different types of home pages
  • Responsive Megamenu
  • 11 Pre-built Pages
  • Supports various post formats and post thumbnails feature.
  • Includes 17 widgets
  • WPML Compatible
  • Youtube like page loader
  • Advanced Products Live Search
  • 3 Different layouts for Single Product Pages.
  • Advanced Reviews
  • Advanced Specifications tab
  • Accessories for Products like in amazon
  • Catalog Mode available.
  • Shop Page Jumbotron.
  • Wishlist and Compare from YITH
  • Brands Carousel
  • Products Carousel
  • Ability to display products in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 columns
  • Custom Product Comparison page.
  • 3 Different types of layout : Classic, List View, Grid View
  • Choose from Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar or Full-width layouts
  • Enable placeholder images
  • Integrated with Google Fonts
  • Can choose from FontAwesome icons
  • Integrated with Social Media
  • Can paste custom CSS easily.
  • Import/Export customization options

Electro Nulled Demo

Download : Electro v2.7.0

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YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium Nulled [v1.3.14]

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium Nulled The easiest way to show your products brands to attract people and guarantee quality of your products. You will be able to highlight brands of the products you sell (through widgets, sliders, by ordering brands by alphabetic order, etc.) thanks to which your e-commerce will be highly renowned. You will improve your e-commerce usability by spotting products of specific brands easily and quickly.

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Features

  • Use taxonomy “Brands”
  • Create a brand and assign a logo, a name and a description to it
  • Manage brands hierarchically
  • Assign one or more brands to each product
  • Show brands in product detail page
  • Display archive page for each brand
  • Associate a banner and a link to each brand
  • Choose brand taxonomy among plugin default taxonomy (Brands) and other product taxonomies available (i.e. categories, tags, and attributes)
  • Edit brand position in product detail page and in shop page
  • Choose content to show in shop page (brand name, brand logo or both)
  • Default logo for brands with no images associated
  • 5 widgets
  • 9 shortcodes
  • Set the brand logo size in Shop page and Product detail page
  • Compatibility with Yoast SEO: brand name can be dynamically inserted in the product “title”
  • Add the brand name to the product URL in a dynamic way
  • Add and/or exclude brands from usage restrictions for WooCommerce coupons
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Importer/Exporter
  • Import product-brand connections to be associated to related products
v1.3.14 - RELEASED ON 10 NOVEMBER 2020
New: support for WordPress 5.6
New: support for WooCommerce 4.7
New: possibility to update plugin via WP-CLI
Update: plugin framework
Dev: removed deprecated .ready method from scripts
Dev: added new yith_wcbr_thumbnail_shortcode_atts filter
Dev: added new yith_wcbr_single_product_brand_template_args filter
Dev: added third parameter to yith_wcbr_brand_filter_heading_letter filter

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium Nulled Demo

Download : YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium v1.3.14

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WordPress Real Category Management Nulled [v3.4.1]

Free WordPress Real Category Management Nulled in an explorer-like tree view and create a custom category order. RCM (Real Categories Management) allows you to organize all your wordpress categories within the main screen – easy and flexible.Use your mouse (or touch) to drag and drop your posts. Create, rename, delete or reorder your categories.

WordPress Real Category Management Plugin Features

  • WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg ready
  • Flexible view of your categories structure
  • Drag and drop your posts
  • Works fine with WooCommerce products and product attributes
  • Just install and it works with your current categories
  • Move or append to category
  • Supports custom post types
  • Supports multiple taxonomies and WooCommerce product attributes
  • No annoying page reload while switching the content (pagination, category switch, taxonomy switch) – it works like infinite scroll for your WP List tables
  • Full control for your folders in one toolbar (create, rename, delete, rearrange)
  • Custom term order for your front end order (drag & drop)
  • Compatible with touch devices
  • Supports multisite
  • 6 months support Included
  • Forever free updates

WordPress Real Category Management Nulled Demo

Download : WordPress Real Category Management v3.4.1

Event API for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) Nulled [v1.0.9]

Event API for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) Nulled With MEC event API add-on, you can easily copy events from one website into another, export your scripts, or download JSON file.

View events from your WordPress website and any web application on any platform. Single Events, shortcodes, activation immediately after installation, and domain management are other features of the add-on.

For installation, first, make sure that both MEC and MEC Event API are installed and activated. Then, head over to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and upload, install, and activate the add-on

Event API for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) Nulled Demo

Download : Event API for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.0.9

Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro Nulled [v6.3.34]

Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro Nulled Responsive Column Order Absolute Positioning Display Inline Block Gradient Text Gradient Button Section Link Column Link Max Width Responsive Border Width Responsive Background Image, Color. Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Nulled Form Builder has many great features.

Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro Features

  • Form Builder
  • Booking
  • Repeater Fields Multi Level Nested
  • Register and Login Form Builder
  • Woocommerce One Page Checkout
  • Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing
  • Submit Post & Edit Post Form Builder
  • Signature Field
  • Multi Step Form
  • Stripe Payment
  • Conditional Logic Form
  • Calculated Fields Form
  • Connect Form to Google Sheets
  • MailChimp
  • Coupon Code Field
  • Form Database
  • Google Maps Address Autocomplete Field
  • Range Slider Field
  • Image Select Field
  • MailerLite
  • Date range calculated fields
  • ACF Repeater Render
  • Custom Media Query Breakpoints​
  • Equal Height For Any Widget And CTA
  • Equal Height Woocommerce Products
  • Ajax Live Search
  • Popup Trigger URL
  • Responsive Background Color
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Toggle Content ( Readmore Content )
  • Parallax Background For Every Element
  • Crossfade Multiple Background Images
  • Advanced Tabs Styling
  • Multiple Background Images
  • Responsive Custom Positioning
  • Text Color Change on Column Hover
  • Css Filters
  • Conditional Logic Form
  • Calculated Fields Form
  • Connect Form to Google Sheets
  • Range Slider Field
  • Image Select Field
  • Advanced Form Styling
  • Sticky Header
  • Advanced Nav Menu Styling
  • Column Width ( Pixel, %, calc )
  • Column Aspect Ratio
  • Responsive Gallery Column Width
  • Responsive Gallery Images Spacing
  • Tooltip
  • Responsive Column Order
  • Responsive Hide Column
  • Media Carousel Ratio
  • Form Style
  • Saved Templates Shortcode with E Free
  • Advanced Dots Styling
  • Scroll Box With Custom Scrollbar
  • Responsive Section Column Text Align
  • Image Carousel Multiple Custom Urls
  • Display Inline Block
  • Gradient Text + Gradient Button
  • Section Link
  • Column Link
  • Max Width
  • Navigation Arrows Icon
  • Close First Accordion
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Conditional Visibility
  • Convert Image to Black or White
  • Particles
  • Lightbox Image With Title and Caption
  • Lightbox Gallery Masonry
  • Lightbox Thumbnail Gallery + Custom size
  • Image Accordion
  • Dual Color Headline
  • Sales pop
  • Hotspot
  • Table
  • Slider Builder With Animation
  • Switch Content
  • Before After Image Comparison Slider
  • Posts List
  • Video List
  • Vertical Timeline
  • Progress Bar
Change Log
[PRO] 6.3.34 ( 2020/11/15 )
PDF Generator: Import PDF Template File

Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro Nulled Demo

Download : Piotnet Addons Pro For Elementor Pro v6.3.34

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