Ave Nulled v2.7 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Ave Nulled Looking to build a great shop experience for your online presence? We got you covered. Besides the main shop demo, we’re excited to introduce you to 4 more ready-to-use websites created by our professional designers. Ave Theme Nulled And yeah, they’re all free for Ave users!

Ave WordPress Theme Nulled Features

  • No more complex codes or boring designs. Creating an attractive and functional site has never been easier.
  • Open a beautiful store, increase your conversion rates and boost your sales in minutes with object-oriented UX.
  • Install any demo or extension in a matter of seconds. Just select the demo and click OK. It’s that easy!
  • Carefully crafted section templates help you to speed up your design process. Import a pre-built section and change the content. You can even save and re-use custom section templates in your pages. It’s a real timesaver!
  • Build and customize stunning pages in minutes -visually. Huge collection of elements, rich customization options, flexible layouts, and instant results!
  • Don’t compromise the speed and efficiency. Next-generation technologies, on-demand loading, and adaptive content deliver the maximum performance.
  • One automatically detects the screen size and adjust the content accordingly to provide fully responsive and optimized sites.
  • Buy One and get access to premium and exclusive plugins for free.
  • AI Powered Support Experience – Our support team will get assistance from AI-powered suggestions, making it quicker than ever to handle support requests.

Ave Nulled Demo

Download : Ave v2.7

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Listdom Nulled v1.7.0 – Advanced Directory and Listing Plugin

Listdom Nulled is a WordPress plugin allows you to create a listing and directory website to show the result in over 80 different skins and styles. Listdom Plugin Nulled is one of the best ways to show listings and directories as you wish with ease to use configurations and ready tools.

Listdom WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • Front-end manage listings
  • Search form builder
  • Support 80 skins and styles
  • RTL ready
  • Show listing owner data
  • Contact listing owner
  • Add multiple price options
  • Custom fields/attributes
  • Category tools
  • Locations tools
  • Label tools
  • tags tools
  • features tools
  • Shortcodes generator
  • Auto Update
  • Listing details elements manager
  • Support Google Map
  • Support OpenStreetMap
  • Color Changer
  • Translation Ready
  • Developers friendly
  • Page builders ready
  • Cache Plugins Compatible
  • Multi-Site Ready
  • SEO Plugins Compatible
  • JSON importer and exporter
  • Notifications manager

Listdom Nulled Demo

Download : Listdom v1.7.0

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Learndash Dashboard Nulled v3.2 – Instructor Role Plugin

LearnDash Dashboard Nulled gives the admin, instructors, and students a dashboard of their own, where they can easily manage anything related to their courses, lessons, and contact others. Website admin can adjust each block as per their requirements. If you want to disable some sections, the plugin setting offers you do it easily.

Learndash Dashboard Plugin Nulled Features

  • Instructor Role
  • Dedicated widgets for admin instructor, group leader, and students.
  • Commission calculation and reports.
  • Based on WooCommerce and LearnDash
  • Default method to sell courses
  • Course-specific reports for the instructor, admin and group leader that include
  • Pie graph of number of students who have started course, completed course and yet to start.
  • Detailed student wise report for a specific course.
  • Student specific details for admin, instructor and group leader to display pie chart for the following:
  • Course Progress
  • Assignment Progress
  • Quiz Progress
  • Email Options:
  • Admin, Instructors, and Group Leaders can send emails to their students.
  • It allows sending emails to many students at a time.
  • Private Message Option:
  • With BuddyPress integration, we added Private messages option at dashboard that allows sending messages to students from the dashboard.
  • Activity Feed: It displays and logs all the activities done by students on the right-hand side.
  • Dedicate Menu For Dashboard: We have hooked a WordPress menu at dashboard which can be managed from Appearance >> Menu
  • Front End form for instructor registration.
  • Option to add co-instrutor.

Learndash Dashboard Nulled Demo

Download : Learndash Dashboard v3.2

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Astra Pro Theme Nulled v2.6.4 – Customizable WordPress Theme

Astra Pro Theme Nulled Fast, Lightweight & Customizable WordPress Theme for Any Website. Join 600,000+ users who build awesome websites with Astra.

Astra WordPress Theme Nulled Features

  • No jQuery
    Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript that prevents render blocking jQuery to come in the way and affect performance.
  • Load in just half seconds!
    Astra is built for speed and fully optimized for performance. Being the most lightweight theme, it loads in less than 0.5 seconds!
  • Less than 50 KB
    Astra requires less than 50KB of resources as compared to 100s required by the other WordPress themes.
  • Optimized code
    Astra uses default WordPress data and follows the best coding standards to make sure that every piece of code is optimized.
  • Layouts
    Use layouts to manage the layout of the website container such as the headers, blogs, single pages, posts, etc.
  • Transparent Header
    Use the transparent header that sets a transparent header background and pulls the page up, merging both of them.
  • Header and Footer Options
    Astra comes with several inbuilt header and footer options that can be extended further with the Astra Pro addon.
  • Dedicated Sidebar
    With Astra, you can create page specific sidebars that can override the settings and customizations of the default sidebar on your website.
  • WooCommerce Ready
    Astra is completely WooCommerce ready and helps you build and design your store through the customizer itself. You can build a fast and attractive store today!
  • Default Container
    Astra gives you a default container, called the primary container with its own specific layout and settings within the customizer itself.
  • Google Fonts
    Astra lets you select from as many as 700+ Google fonts to make sure you get the best typography for your website.
  • Responsive Font Size
    Astra allows you to control your typography size according to the device it will be viewed on. You can select different font sizes for different devices.
  • Font Size PX, EM
    Wish to use your favorite unit to determine the font size? Astra lets you set them in PX or EM. Choose the one you are familiar with.
  • Custom Fonts
    Wish to use a custom font on your website? With the free Custom Fonts plugin, you can import and use any custom font you like.
  • Paragraph Margin Option
    Astra gives you an option to manage the spacing between paragraphs and around them using the paragraph margin option.
  • Text Transform
    Astra supports text transforms for your heading tags. You can select a uniform text format for a particular heading tag.

Astra Pro Theme Nulled Demo

Download : Astra Pro Theme v2.6.4

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NBDesigner Nulled v2.7.2 – Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce

NB Designer Nulled is the powerful tool of Web to Print stores. It is very useful for both printing shop owner and their customers. The free Media library is available on WooCommerce Online Designer Plugin and printing function are the outstanding features compare to our competitors.

NBDesigner WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • Add Text
  • Qr Code – Vcard
  • Variety Clipart
  • Variety Images
  • Social Share
  • Powerful Layers
  • Feature Photo Frame, Icon Category
  • Upload Design File
  • Designe Guide Line
  • Save For Later
  • Free Hand Drawing
  • Powerful Help Tools
  • Import/ Export Design
  • A Large Number Of Hotkeys
  • 100% Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Customer Design Again Easily
  • New Visual Layout For All Products
  • Selected Layout For Each Product
  • Design Directly In The Product Detail
  • Arrange Text In Smart Way
  • Show Product Dimension Options
  • Show Print Option In Side Bar Tab Options
  • Allow The Customer Download Design In Editor
  • Image Shape
  • Add Text
  • Qr Code – Vcard
  • Variety Clipart
  • Variety Images
  • Social Share
  • Powerful Layers
  • Feature Photo Frame, Icon Category
  • Upload Design File
  • Designe Guide Line
  • Save For Later
  • Free Hand Drawing
  • Powerful Help Tools
  • Import/ Export Design
  • A Large Number Of Hotkeys
  • 100% Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Customer Design Again Easily
  • New Visual Layout For All Products
  • Selected Layout For Each Product
  • Design Directly In The Product Detail
  • Arrange Text In Smart Way
  • Show Product Dimension Options
  • Show Print Option In Side Bar Tab Options
  • Allow The Customer Download Design In Editor Options
  • Image Shape

NBDesigner Nulled Demo

Download : NBDesigner v2.7.2

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WP Content Copy Protection Premium Nulled v9.6

WP Content Copy Protection Nulled the content of the post from being copied by any other web site author. You don’t want your content to spread without your permission. Protect your Text and Images by Disabling the Mouse Right Click and possible shortcut keys from Cut (CTRL+x), Copy (CTRL+c), Paste (CTRL+v), Select All(CTRL+a), View Source (CTRL+u) etc.

WP Content Copy Protection Pro Plugin Nulled Features

  • Protect your content from being selected and copied.‎
  • No one can right-click on images from your site if you don’t want them to.
  • Get full control over Right-Click or context menus.
  • Show alert messages, when the user right-clicks on images, text boxes, links, plain text,… etc.
  • Disable the keys  CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+S or CTRL+V or CTRL+U.
  • Watermark your images on the fly by htacsess and jquery.
  • Admin can exclude Home page or Single posts from being copy protected.
  • Admin can disable copy protection for admin users. (If admin is there you don’t need to protect it.)
  • Aggressive image protection (It’s not easy or it’s impossible for expert users to steal your images !).
  • Compatible with all major theme frameworks.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • You can also choose where this Plugin should work like All Pages (including Home Page and all other Pages and Posts) , Home Page or Custom Pages/Posts using the Settings Page options.
  • Multiple Text and Image Protection layers.
  • Enable Right Click on hyperlinks or any type of elements added.
  • New flat interface.

WP Content Copy Protection Premium Nulled Demo

Download : WP Content Copy Protection Premium v9.6

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DigiBit Nulled v1.7 – Bitcoin Trading Theme

DigiBit Nulled is an innovative Cryptocurrency WordPress theme. This Crypto theme is designed for businesses and individuals in the decentralized digital currency space. The DigiBit BitCoin & cryptocurrency WordPress theme is an exclusive niche theme for Cryptocurrency related sites.

DigiBit WordPress Theme Nulled Features

  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Ease Of Customization
  • Unyson One Click Importer
  • Crypto Currency Widgets
  • Bitcoin Charts
  • Price List
  • Crypto Currency Converter
  • Ticker
  • Bitcoin Calculator
  • Crypto Compare

DigiBit Nulled Demo

Download : DigiBit v1.7

WooCommerce Food Nulled v2.0.1 – Restaurant Menu & Food Ordering

WooCommerce Food Nulled is the simplest way for your business to display food items and for your customers to order. With the intelligent WooCommerce plugin, you can use a lot of payment gateways and manage everything from showcasing your menu to receiving and processing orders all from one handy place.

WooCommerce Food WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • 10+ Food Styles support
  • Online Food ordering and manager via pro system of WooCommerce
  • Support Food with extra options
  • Support set minimum option required for checkbox option
  • Quick ordering food support
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Display menu via shortcode anywhere.
  • Support with many columns
  • Display Food menu with Grid, List, Table, Carousel
  • Admin create Food and manage order easily
  • Support email to admin and customer after order
  • Support select food by location, Different food for each store location
  • Support set Different email recipients for each location
  • Ajax load more, pagination, popup food info
  • Support setting minimum amount
  • Review food system
  • Support opening closing time order
  • Support Delivery date and time field in order
  • Support Maximum Order Deliveries per time slot in order
  • Support Disable order food before X minutes or X days time Delivery in order
  • Unlimited Color. You can set color for all or each food
  • Support filter category – allows you create menu category, you can show all menu items or show by category
  • Support Setting Open and closing time for each day of week
  • Support display Open and closing time information in popup
  • Multiple Payment mode support
  • Support Paypal, Stripe and a lot of payments gateways with addon
  • User page with regiter/login/history booking
  • Coupon code
  • RTL mode support
  • Custom food info
  • Images gallery
  • Unlimited customize with font, color
  • Visual Composer support
  • Supper easy configuration

WooCommerce Food Nulled Demo

Download : WooCommerce Food v2.0.1

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TotalDesk Nulled v1.7.8 – Helpdesk, Live Chat, Knowledge Base & Ticket System

TotalDesk Nulled is the only all in one helpdesk solution for WordPress. Including a ticket- & notification system, livechat, knowledge base, report and integration module it contains all support features, that you need. Get rid of single helpdesk plugins and get TotalDesk Plugin Nulled.

TotalDesk WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • 3 Differnt New Tickt Forms
  • Inbox Fetching
  • 2 Roles: Agent & Reporter
  • My Tickets Page
  • Set default values for new tickets
  • Set own ticket Status
  • Set custom ticket Types
  • Set custom ticket Project / Systems
  • Attachment Support
  • Inform Agents in Notifications
  • HTML WYSIWIG Comment Form
  • Saved replies
  • Logging / History system
  • XLS export
  • Reporters & Agents can reply to Email
  • Ticket Overview (assigned to, status in colors)
  • Set Inbox Archieve Folder
  • Email Notifications
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Slack Notifications
  • Notify when a ticket has been created
  • Notify when someone replied
  • Notify when a status has changed
  • Notify when an agent has ben assigned
  • Start a chat with a new subject (new ticket)
  • Enter a chat with a given ticket ID
  • Send a message (new ticket) when no agent is online
  • Every chat conversation will be saved
  • Create a FAQ based on a ticket
  • Group FAQs into topics
  • Set custom Icons for Topics
  • Live search for FAQs
  • Track FAQ views
  • 3 Built in widgets
  • Order FAQs by View / Popularity
  • 2 Layouts (boxed, list)
  • Tickets By Agent
  • Tickets By Status
  • Tickets By Type
  • Tickets By System
  • Tickets By Year
  • Tickets By Month
  • Tickets By Year & Month
  • WooCommerce
  • Envato
  • Slack
  • Well Documentented

TotalDesk Nulled Demo

Download : TotalDesk v1.7.8

- NEW:    Added time caching for inbox + automatically close tickets
- FIX:    Custom fields not showing in single ticket
- FIX:    Wrong custom field validation for Envato or  Woo
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Kalvi Nulled v2.5 – LMS Education WordPress Theme

Kalvi Nulled a highly Responsive Educational WordPress theme is suitable for Teaching, Tutoring, Educational Services. Kalvi Theme Nulled powers your School, Education centers, elearning system, Learning academy, Training center, University, course marketplace, and educational institution website.

Kalvi WordPress Theme Nulled Features

  • Powerful Themes
  • Parallax Effects
  • Mobile Devices
  • Widgets
  • SEO Friendly
  • Translation Ready
  • Google Fonts
  • Dummy Content
  • Admin Panel
  • Color Picker Selector
  • Page Templates
  • Cool CSS Animations
  • HD Video Tutorials
  • Twitter & Instagram
  • Faster Support

Kalvi Nulled Demo

Download : Kalvi v2.5

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